Have you ever been talking with a friend about computer science and suddenly have a great idea? Have you ever been networking in a meetup a learned things you didn’t even know that exited? Has small talk lead you to solve a seemingly impossible bug?

For all of you who love to discuss new ideas, who are open to new fields and research, who are excited to discover and contribute to the latest open source projects, we are creating ACM Talks.

In UPC ACM Student chapter we believe that the best ideas to thrive, progress, and improve comes from human interaction and discussion, through sharing points of view but also disagreeing. So we are creating an space to discuss and debate the latest trends in tech, possible new startup ideas,  latest research plans and papers, or just fields you would like to know more about.

In each meeting the discussion will be loosely based upon some previously discussed points and participants will be able to share their opinions on them, ask questions or whatever comes to mind.

Do you want an idea to become the next Mark Zuckerberg?, do you need the most bleeding edge idea for a research plan?, do you want to know when we will reach Artificial Super Intelligence and discuss its ethical implications?

Join ACM Talks on our slack channel #acm-talks and propose ideas you would like to discuss or get information about upcoming sessions!





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