Thanks to all who came to the MN4 visit! Hope to see you all in future events! Let’s make the UPC ACM Student Chapter something worth being part of!


UPC ACM Student Chapter is organizing a visit to the MareNostrum 4 Supercomputer the 21st of March. Hosted by Barcelona Supercomputing Center, it is entirely aimed at generating scientific knowledge and its computer architecture has been called ‘the most diverse and interesting in the world’ by international experts.

It is installed inside the chapel of Torre Girona, located in the North Campus of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Last year it was named the ‘most beautiful datacenter in the world‘ so join us and visit it!

In order to register for the visit join our slack: and write your name and email on the marenostru4_visit channel.

Hope to see you all there!

The meeting point is in front of the Torre Girona at 12.00h.

Cool time-lapse of the upgrade of MareNostrum3 to MareNostrum 4 here.

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